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Camera, Folding HC183

An 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. folding camera. The body is made of wood and metal and is covered with leather. The film used in this camera could be written on by opening a small door at the back. This camera comes with a leather case.

This camera has all the capabilities of a modern camera and was advanced for its day. it has two speeds - (25th and 50th of a second) plus time exposure capability with two operational modes. It could be used with a cable release. It has variable exposure and variable focus (three positions 8 ft, 25 ft and 100 ft). It has two small fold out table stands and a screw hole to be put on a tripod.

The daguerreotype was the first practical photographic method invented in 1836 where images were captured on copper plate coated with silver. However it was George Eastman and Kodak who pioneered the use of film cameras in 1888.

: 1914-1927

manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company, Canada

maximum dimension:

subject area: Social Science, Technology, English, The Arts, Science
specific themes: Technology, Home, Photography

handling collection number: HC183

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