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How It Works

Primary or secondary school teachers working within the Tauranga City boundaries can book objects online using our cart system. Objects are delivered to your school free of charge. Hands on Tauranga utilises an existing museum education collection and is managed by Tauranga Heritage Collection staff.

Joining Hands: Membership is open to primary and secondary school teachers within Tauranga City boundaries. After filling out a brief form, which tells us your school details, we will email you to confirm your account has been activated. This should take no longer than 24-48 hours. Once activated, sign in, and you will be able to request items you want.

Bookings: Bookings will be processed within two working days and you will be notified by email of the object’s availability.  Currently there is a borrowing limit of six objects per order.

Availability: Unfortunately, availability of objects cannot be guaranteed. Early requests can help to secure the item you need. You are able to pre-book objects for a later date.

Borrowing Time Frame: Popular objects have a one week (7 days) borrowing period. These are labelled 'popular object' at the top of the description of that object. For other items there is currently some flexibility in how long they can be borrowed for.

Delivery: Delivery times will be prearranged with you via email. A signature is required on delivery. Delivery is free of charge.

Pick up: Pick up will be pre-arranged via email. Pick up is free of charge.

Handling and use: See H.O.T. Info, Enjoying Objects, for H.O.T. tips on handling objects.

Resources: Most objects are supported by information regarding origin, use, materials and social significance. Additional resources may be available which provide ideas on how to use the object in the classroom.