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Hands on Tauranga
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Hands On Tauranga - Object Lending Library

Hands on Tauranga offers students creative and inspiring learning opportunities which support the national curriculum at primary and secondary school levels.

Objects from our handling collection can be touched, worn and explored by students in Tauranga classrooms.

Educators within Tauranga City boundaries can use our easily accessed cart system to select objects directly and delivery and pick-up are free.

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Tauranga Heritage Collection

Treasures from the Tauranga Heritage Collection

The Tauranga Heritage Collection, comprised of over 30,000 objects, is rich with taonga important to Tauranga Moana and includes artefacts of national significance. The collection reflects substantial support from donors, volunteers and the wider Tauranga community over the past 50 years.

The Tauranga Heritage Collection continues to treasure and share the region’s history and is accessible through publications, displays and exhibitions and by exploring the collection online.

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H.O.T. Objects

Discover more about objects in the Hands On Tauranga collection and how they can be used to support your teaching, linked to the NZ Curriculum.
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Stories from the Collection

Learn more about the Tauranga Heritage Collection by exploring stories featuring objects that capture the rich history of our city and its place in the world.
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In Our Schools

See how schools are using objects from the H.O.T collection to enhance their classroom programmes, and gain ideas for your own classroom.
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In the Community

Find out about our efforts to share the Tauranga Heritage Collection and the city’s heritage with our community.
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