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Terms & Conditions

Hands on Tauranga is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Collection items on loan will be checked by the borrower against the Hands on Tauranga Receipt provided on delivery.

2. The borrower is responsible for the care, security and safety of items from point of delivery until they are collected.

3. Objects should not be displayed in direct sunlight or next to a heater.

4. Objects should not be left in an unlocked room when the teacher is absent.

5. Students should not be left unsupervised with objects.

6. Handling guidelines are provided for each object via our ‘safety symbols’.

7. Our safety symbols must be adhered to.

8. Please do not attempt to repair any damaged items.

9. Please report loss or damage to Tauranga Heritage Collection staff.

10. Loss or damage of objects may incur replacement costs.

11. Collection items on loan must be returned in the packaging they were delivered in and made available in the designated area at the school for pick up on the return date.

12. If any of the objects on loan are not made available for collection by Hands of Tauranga staff on the return date and an extension of the loan period has not been arranged continued use of the service maybe suspended.

13. Depending on availability, loan periods can be extended by contacting Tauranga Heritage Collection staff no later than one day prior to collection.

14. Whilst collection items are on loan it is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure items are handled appropriately by pupils, teachers and/or members of the public.

15. Tauranga City Council will not be liable for any physical injury sustained by persons using items from Hands on Tauranga.