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Sam Browne Belt HC82

A brown leather belt for use with Sam Browne equipment. The buckle has two prongs. A brass stud secures the end of the belt.

This belt was designed by British Officer Samuel Browne VC after losing his arm in battle. Still serving in the army he wanted to be able to carry both this revolver and sword into battle. First worn by New Zealand soldiers in the early 1900s. After World War One it had limited use.

General Sir Samuel James Browne was a 19th century British Indian army sofficer who had lost his left arm to a sword cut during the Sepoy Rebellion (  This made it difficult for him to draw his sword, because the left hand was typically used to steady the scabbard (the sheath for the sword) while the right drew out the sword.

Browne came up with the idea of wearing a second belt that went over his right shoulder to hold the scabbard steady. This would hook into a waist belt with D-rings for attaching accessories. It also securely carried a pistol in a flap-holster on his right hip and included a binocular case with a neck-strap. Other officers began wearing a similar rig and eventually, it became part of the standard uniform. During the Boer War, it was copied by other troops and eventually became standard issue

Date: 19-14-1918

Maximum Dimension: 1040mm

Subject Area: Social Science, Technology

Subject Themes: War, Conflict, Uniform, Costume, Men, Military

Handling Collection Number: HC82

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