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Newspapers, Space Exploration HC180

A set of 12 New Zealand Herald newspapers and one souvenir booklet relating to space exploration. Nine papers date from 17-28 July 1969 and include stories relating to the first moon landing. Three papers date from 13-15 April 1961 and relate to the first man in space. The souvenir booklet shows images of the moon landing.

In 1961 the USSR's astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. This success was to accelerate the space race between the USSR and the USA. In 1969 the United States of America was the first country to land a man on the moon.

date: 1961 & 1969 

maximum dimension: 425mm x 610mm

artist/maker: NZ Herald 

subject area: Social Science, Technology, English 

subject themes: Space, Technology, News, World Event

handling collection number: HC180

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