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What a Shell Can Tell book HC259

Are you planning a trip to Mauao, or a beach trip with your class?  This informative non fiction picture book answers many questions your students may have about the many shells to be found on our beaches. 

"Award-winning marine biologist Helen Scales introduces children to the wonders of shells (from seashells to land snails) through the art of observation. Starting with a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores, through a richly sensory experience, the incredible diversity of shells around the world and showcases the environments molluscs inhabit. From what a shell’s shape, color, or texture can reveal about its inhabitant, to where shells are found (from the deepest seas to jungly treetops), with this book, readers can get up close with nature to observe its wonders. "

Date published: 2022

Author: Helen Scales

Illustrator: Sonia Pulido

subject area: Science, Languages, Taonga, 

subject themes: beach, shells, Mauao, Mount Maunganui

handling collection number: HC259

Why not borrow our collection of Aotearoa New Zealand shells to share with your class to complement this book.



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