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Shells, Paper Nautilus & Cask HC117/1-2

A thin white ribbed Pūpū Tarakihi (Paper Nautilus) shell covered in small nodules on the ridges of the shell. A shell made by a female knobbed argonaut argonauta nodosa octopus to protect her eggs. Produced from a thin horn-like secretion from two tentacles. These shells can be found around Tūhua (also known as Mayor Island) near Tauranga, as well as in South America and South Africa.

The Cask or Tun shell (Tonna Variegata) is a large rounded univalve pale yellow in colour with brown spots. Inside the shell is yellow and glossy. Live shells have been found on Matakana Island and have been picked up on Mount Maunganui beaches.

maker: Knobbed Argonaut Octopus

maximum dimension: 120mm

subject area: Social Science, Science

subject themes: Sea, Environment, Shell, Mount Maunganui, Matakana Island, Mayor Island

handling collection number: HC117/1-2

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