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Ko Mauao te Maunga picture book HC246

This bilingual children's picture book retells the legend of Mauao.

"The history of Mauao, along with the legend, is one of heartbreak and struggle, but also one of endurance, strength and unity. Mauao stands guard at the entrance to Te Awanui, the Tauranga Harbour. At over two million years old, he is a tipuna and sacred taonga, manifesting both the past and the present, as well as giving us hope for the future." 

We also have this book in 'big book' format for junior classes- let us know if you would prefer that size when placing your order

Date Published: June 2018

Author: Debbie McCauley

Illustrator : Debbie Tipuna

Whakamāoritia : Tamati Waaka

Subject Area: Taonga, Languages

Subject Themes: Mauao, Tauranga Moana

Handling Collection Number: HC246

Handling information:
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