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Wall Display, Local Images HC157

*Popular object- one week (7 days) lending period from delivery of object *

Eighteen images with labels connected to Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty mounted on display board with velcro hooks on reverse. Included in pack are fourteen keywords which can be displayed along side images. The display would complement topics with a local and or Maori aspect to them.

Images - The Elms, Tauranga harbour, kiwifruit, Mt Maunganui, Henare Taratoa (wrote the Code of Conduct prior to the Battle of Pukehinahina Gate Pa, and died at the Battle of Te Ranga), Tilby wagon, cloak weaver, Jane Faulkner, tukutuku panel, pipi gathering, Kapeu, Mayor Island fishing, surf boards, donkey rides Mount beach, Papamoa Pa, Huria marae, Paparoa marae, Expozay swimwear. 

date: 1864 to present day 

subject area: Social Science, Maori, The Arts

subject themes: Tauranga, New Zealand, Maori, History, Culture, Heritage

handling collection number: HC157

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