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Ladies hat and pouch HC234

Ladies straw and fabric hat with ties.

Matching fabric drawstring pouch.

Straw hats are a type of sunhat designed to shade the head and face from direct sunlight, but are also used in fashion as a decorative element or a uniform. Straw hats have been worn in Africa and Asia since after the Middle Ages during the summer months, and have changed little between the medieval times and today. Until well into the 20th century most women, regardless of social status, did not think of leaving the house without a hat. 

The first bags were called reticules. The term ‘reticule’ refers to a small drawstring bag, probably the first ‘bag’ in the modern sense of the word. They came in fashion mostly because the style in dress changed from voluminous and heavy gowns to more lightweight muslin dresses; therefore, underskirt pockets did not go well with the new silhouettes, and required to find a solution to replace them.

date: c.1900's 

maximum dimension: 330mm (hat), 250mm (pouch)

subject area: Social Science, Technology, The Arts

subject themes: Costume, Fashion, Culture, History, Women

handling collection number: HC234

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