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Eliza and the White Camellia picture book HC252

Eliza And The White Camellia is a bilingual picture book, reference text, and history lesson all in one.

This book follows Eliza throughout her life, from poverty, emigration, elections, illegitimate children, and concludes the month following the start of World War I. A mother of 12, she became a suffragist and actively sought the vote for women, which was granted in 1893.

Illustrated with a mix of original artwork, photographs and ephemera, the book also includes the following: Contents Page, Fact Boxes, New Zealand Timeline, World Suffrage Timeline, Suffrage Activities, Suffrage Quiz, glossary and an index.

Date published: Nov 2018

Author: Debbie McCauley

Illustrator: Helen Casey

Whakamaoritanga (te reo Māori translation): Tamati Waaka

subject area: The Arts, Languages, te reo Māori, Social Sciences

subject themes: Suffrage, Women's rights, vote, elections, government

handling collection number: HC252


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