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Butter Churn HC108/1-2

A clear cube shaped glass butter churn embossed on one side 'Blow Butter Churn 4/40, Made in England, 4 Imperial Quarts'. The churn has two metal lids which screw on. One lid has a red metal cover over the churning mechanism. Both have an aluminium blade which is turned by a handle.

A device for mixing milk cream until it becomes butter. Glass churns for making butter were first used in the early 1880s and continued through to the 1960s when buying butter became normal.

date: Early 20th Century

manufacturer: Blow, England

maximum dimension: 375mm

subject area: Social Science, Technology, Science

subject themes: Domestic, Food, Women, Dairy, Kitchen, Housework

handling collection number: HC108/1-2

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Safe Object
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