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Samoan 'ie toga HC207

Toga is made from plant fibre and feathers. Valued by the quality of the weave and softness and shine of the material. Has an unwoven fringe and a strip of red feathers.

Commonly referred to in English as 'fine mats'. 'ie toga is wrapped around the body and secured with a tapa sash called vala or fusi. An 'ie toga is the highest ranking item in the Samoan gift exchange system. It is passed from family to family and greatly valued.

Read more information about 'ie toga here

Date: 20th Century

Maximum Dimension: 1200mm

Subject Area: Social Science, taonga

Subject Themes: Ceremony, Clothing, Marriage, Craft

Handling Collection Number: HC207

Handling information:
To Use & Handle
Additional information:
Safe Object
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