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Mahe (sinker) & Pa Kahawai (fishing lure) HC84

A māhē (sinker) made from a volcanic type stone grey in colour with orange staining. There is a drilled hole for attaching plaited flax rope. Māhē were used to weigh down the base of fishing nets.

Pā Kāhawai fishing lure, used to catch pelagic fish (fish that live near the water's surface rather than on the bottom) such as Kāhawai and Kingfish. Pā kāhawai were trolled behind waka (canoes) in estuaries, or close to coastlines, using lines of finely plaited muka (flax fibre).

Māhē: sinker

Pā : fishing lure with a pāua shell inlay

Kāhawai: type of fish, mainly found in coastal seas, harbours and estuaries, and when they enter saltier water in rivers

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>Te Hī īka- Māori fishing techniques

> Te mahi kai - Māori food production

date: 1600

max dimension: 160mm 200grams
subject area: Social Science, Māori, Pacifica, The Arts
specific themes: Māori, Tool, Hī Ika (fishing with a hook and line), Fishing

handling collection number: HC84

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