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Ko Flit te Tirairaka me te Mahere Matariki picture book HC251

He pukapuka pikitia reo Māori hei whakaako i  akomanga  Matariki. (A picture book in te reo Māori to teach your class about Matariki).

"Join Flit the fantail and his forest friends on a nighttime adventure, this time to capture a star shining brightly on the horizon. It is one of a cluster of nine stars and Flit is determined to explore! But when he gets lost, wise Ruru swoops down and Flit learns about Matariki stars and navigation."

Date published: June 2021

Author and Illustrator: Kat Quin

Whakamaoritanga (te reo Māori translation): Pānia Papa

subject area: The Arts,  Languages, Taonga, te reo Māori

subject themes: Matariki

handling collection number: HC251


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