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The King's Medal picture book HC233

Poppa reveals a war medal in his hand to his grandson. Manu asks, 'Did you win it? 'Sort of, a King gave it to me,' the old man says. He then tells Manu how his Anzac platoon rescued the Greek King, Prime Minister and the rest of their party on a Greek Island during World War II. It's a perilous journey trekking from one side of the island to the other, trudging up a ravine, across the White Mountains, and through a narrow gorge. They must avoid the German paratroopers landing in their thousands on the island and renegade Crete mountaineers who shoot at them, mistaking them for Germans. Due to the kindness of the village people and the dedication of the Anzac soldiers they make it to the coast and send out SOS signals. But they don't know if the ship is friend or foe. Manu discovers a tale of bravery, teamwork and sacrifice and sees his grandfather in a new light.

Date published: Nov 2021

Author: Maria Gill

Illustrator: Alistair Hughes

subject area: Social Science

subject themes: Anzac Day, World War 2, War, 

handling collection number: HC233

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