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Postcards of Tauranga HC151/1-14

Fourteen copies of Tauranga postcards with scenes of the township including the Tauranga wharf and The Strand. On reverse is handwritten correspondence including addresses and general information about family and life in Tauranga. One postcard includes a stamp.
These postcards were sent between the Goodyear sisters from 1907 into the 1920s. The sisters came from an prominent local family who moved from Maketu where Reverend Goodyear was the last missionary.

The first postal card was believed to have been sent in 1869. By the 1890s they were gaining mass popularity. The 'Real Photo' card emerged in the 1900s and in 1901 the term 'postcard' was first used.

date: 1907-1920s

maximum dimension: 300mm

subject area: Social Science, English & Languages

subject themes: Tauranga, History, Development, Change, Communications

handling collection number: HC151/1-8

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