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Nurse's Uniform HC141

Replica World War 1 nurse's uniform, including apron, blouse, skirt, cuffs and headdress.

550 (approx) New Zealand nurses served in the First World War. They worked long hours often in dangerous conditions, caring for wounded and ill soldiers. 

This nurse's uniform was created for the 2015 'From Tauranga to the Trenches' exhibition, telling the story of the New Zealand nurses lost in the sinking of the Marquette during World War 1.

The uniform was modelled on this Queen Alexandra nurse's uniform in the Tauranga Heritage Collection.

Further information

>Read this article ' Grey Angels' from the  School Journal Level 3 June 2014 to learn more about the role of nurses in World War 1 (digital download of article available at link)

>Read about the New Zealand World War 1 nurses here

> For older students, this television series ' Anzac Girls' tells the "true stories of extraordinary young women (nurses) who witness the brutality and heroism of war, and rise to meet the challenge". It is currently available on Amazon Prime (2022).

datereplica WW1, created in 2015

subject area: Social Science, Technology

subject themes: War, Military, Uniform, Conflict, Nurse, Medical

handling collection number: HC141

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