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Clay Pipes HC138/1-10

Ten replica clay pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes representing the types of pipes that were used in 1800s. The names of the pipes are; RAOB Straw, Fluted pipe, Manx pipe, Rusticated Bowl, Manchester Ship Canal, Derry Castle, Queen Victoria, T. McLachlin/Glasgow, Eli Pierce/St Helens, Coffee House Pipe. 

Clay pipes were almost always used to smoke tobacco in Northern Europe from the late sixteenth century onwards. By the middle of the nineteenth century more durable pipes, and the growing popularity of the cigarette, threatened clay pipe makers. In response to this designs got more decorative. Due to their fragile nature they were frequently broken and discarded. As a result they are often found by archaeologists. 

date: Replica 1800s

manufacturer: Dr David Higgins, Merseyside, England

maximum dimension: 230mm longest, 70mm shortest 

subject area: Social Science, English and the Languages, PE & Health, The Arts

subject themes: Tobacco, Health, Trade, Manufacturing, Design

handling collection number: HC138/1-10

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Supervision Required
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