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Class Set Marbles, Knucklebones and Elastics HC264

A class set of marbles, knucklebones and elastics.

10 bags of marbles (One bag per player), 4 bags of 10 knucklebones (enough for 8 players), and two sets of elastics.

Marbles and knucklebones have been popular toys for children since ancient times. 

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans played with marbles made of stone or polished nuts. 

The name ‘knucklebones’ is derived from the Ancient Greek version of the game, which used the astragalus (a bone in the ankle) of a sheep. However, different variants of the game from various cultures use other objects, including stones, seashells, seeds, and cubes.
The origin of knucklebones is closely connected with that of dice. Early māori usually played knucklebones with five small, flat stones.

The game of elastics took root in Britain in the 1960's, brought from the USA, and ultimately originating from China or Japan. Elastics was a very popular game at school from the 1960's to the 1980's in New Zealand, with one of the most common rhymes chanted while playing ' England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, monkeys tails!'

Included with this set is the NZ picture book ‘The Marble Maker’ by Sacha Cotter in both the te reo māori and English versions.

Click here for downloadable reading comprehension sheets for your students to learn how to play marbles and knucklebones

>How to play Marbles 

>How to play Knucklebones

Click here to go to our YouTube channel to learn how to play marbles, knucklebones and elastics. There is also an interesting video showing how marbles are made.


date: Replica toys

subject area: Social Science, English & Languages, Maths & Statistics, PE and Health

subject theme: Game, Leisure, Children, Toys, 

handling collection number: HC264

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