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Cannon Balls HC98/1-3

Two complete cannon balls and a fragment from a cannon ball. The balls are made from cast iron.

These spheres of cast iron are also referred to as 'shot'

During the Battle of Pukehinahina Gate Pā, the British fired cannon balls from a device called a coehorn mortar.  Their usual horizontal cannon shot would often not penetrate the thick woven barrier mats that were hung outside Māori pā  to protect the wooden structures. The vertical trajectory and plunging fire of the Coehorns was  effective in reaching over the walls of the pā.

Fun fact: in the olden days some New Zealand schools used cannon balls for shot put practice!
max dimension: 40mm 2oz, 90mm 4oz, 130mm 12oz
subject area: Social Science, Technology, Maths and Statistics
specific themes: War, Conflict, Military, Weapon

handling collection number: HC98/1-3

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