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War Gas Chart HC155/1-30

A class set of war gas charts, scanned from the original, listing chemical and physical properties of gases used during war. Also listed are the means of identification, effects, protection required and first aid treatment of those exposed to gas.

Poisonous gas was used during WWI with, at times, deadly consequences. The French were the first to use tear gas in 1914. Gas that could kill was first used by the Germans at the second Battle of Ypres in 1915. Many claimed the use of gas was against the rules of war and during WWII it was rarely used, even though Britain, Russia, America and Germany had huge stock piles.

date: WWII

maximum dimension: 335mm

subject area: Social Science, Science

subject themes: WW1, WW2, Conflict, Army, Weapon

handling collection number: HC155/1-30

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