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Otumoetai Pa Historic Reserve booklet HC254

Otumoetai Pa Historic Reserve booklet - Archaeological findings from Tauranga's historic capital.

Produced in conjunction with Tauranga City Council, Historic Places Trust, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi te Rangi Iwi Trust, and Te Rūnaga o Ngai Tamarawaho.

This informative booklet about Otūmoetai Pā includes: 

  • Life in the Pā
  • Defending the Pā
  • The arrival of Europeans and European settlement
  • Trade
  • Activities in the mid 1800's

subject area: Social Science, Taonga, Technology, Science

subject themes: Tauranga Moana, Otūmoetai Pā, historic Tauranga, 

handling collection number: HC254

Why not borrow our mahe (sinker) and pā kahawai (lure) to complement this booklet

Show your class these historic images of artefacts and images related to Otūmoetai Pā on the Tauranga Heritage Collection website


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