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Movie Projector 8mm HC256

Dekko Cine 8mm movie projector, and instruction manual.

Model 118.

A popular home movie projector from the 1940's.

From the instruction manual "When you look at a cine screen, you actually see a quick succession of still pictures. Owing to the speed at which these pictures succeed one another, the subject spears to move naturally and smoothly. The rate at which the pictures are projected is normally sixteen in every second. This requires zthe film to stop and start 16 times in every second, and for a beam of light to be projected through the picture each time the film becomes stationary."


manufacturer: Dekko Cameras Ltd, London, England
max dimension: 350mm 
subject area: Social Science, Technology, English, Science, The Arts
specific themes: Movie, Technology, Home, Entertainment

handling collection number: HC256

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