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Motiti Blue and the Oil Spill picture book HC243

Borrow this picture book by local historian and author Debbie McCauley to teach your class about the Rena disaster in 2011. This bilingual children's picture book tells the story of a little blue penguin who was rescued and treated at the Te Maunga Oiled Wildlife Response Centre before being released back into the wild. 

The shipwrecked Rena spilt oil into the Bay of Plenty on 5th October 2011. The spill was caused by the grounding of MV Rena on the Astrolabe Reef. The spill has been described as New Zealand's worst maritime environmental disaster.

Why not read this book then take your class to visit Mauao and Moturiki (also known as Leisure Island), both habitats for little blue penguins.

Learn about the work the Western Bay of Plenty Wildlife Trust does to protect these native animals here. 

Date Published: October 2014

Author: Debbie McCauley

Whakamāoritia (te reo Māori translation) : Tamati Waaka

Subject Area: Science, Languages, Taonga

Subject Themes: Tauranga Moana, Mauao, beach, Rena, ecology, environment, disaster

Handling Collection Number: HC243

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