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Moa Bones HC150/1-14

Fourteen assorted moa bones including upper leg, rib, vertebrae and pelvis. 

The moa (dinoris maximus) was a flightless bird, indigenous to New Zealand,  that became extinct in the 1400’s due to hunting by māori. Moa were a valuable food source, and their bones, feathers and skins were also used in a variety of ways, including clothing, fish hooks and pendants. 

Included with this resource is the picture book 'What Happened to the Moa?' by Ned Barraud.

> Click here to download 'Moa Bones- A 'Hands on Tauranga' teacher resource'

Read this excellent article to find out how the Moa came to be 're-discovered' in the mid 1800's.

date: 1400's (or earlier)

maximum dimension: 530mm

subject area: Social Science, Science

subject themes: Biology, Environment, Resources, New Zealand, History

handling collection number: HC150/1-15

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