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Magneto Telephone HC132

An early manual telephone.

A black rectangular metal casing on sloping base with handset at top resting in a silver metal cradle. Twisted cloth cord attaches handset to base. Handle at the side rotates.

telephone magneto is a hand-cranked electrical generator that uses permanent magnets to produce alternating current from a rotating armature (the winding of an electric machine which carries alternating current.)

In early telegraphy, magnetos were used to power instruments, while in telephones they were used to generate electrical current to drive electromechanical ringers in telephone sets and activate signals on operator consoles.
The telephone was wired to a central switchboard that would connect the caller to another telephone via cords.

By turning the handle high voltage was produced ringing bells to other phones on the same line or the operator. Often used in rural areas or within offices.

The telephone microphone was powered by a local battery and called the exchange switchboard by means of a hand generator.   On finishing a call both users would crank their generators to signal to the exchange switchboard that they had hung up (this is known as ringing off).

Note: To remove telephone from box, please lift from the sides of the telephonenot from the handle thank you

Read more here about the history of telephones


date: Early 20th Century

manufacturer: Ericsson

maximum dimension: 290mm

subject area: Social Science, Technology

subject themes: Communication, Technology

handling collection number: HC132

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