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Collection of Fossils HC146/1-10

A collection of fossils collected by senior scientist and paleontologist Dr Hamish Campbell from around the world including China and Canada. Fossils date from the Jurassic, Triassic, Carboniferous, Cretaceous, Devonian, Eocene, Cambrian periods. Fossils include Nautiloid Ammonite, Gastropod, Goniatite, Petrified Wood,  a Dinosaur Bone, and a fragment of a dinosaur egg shell.

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date: Oldest is 515 million year old
max dimension: 80mm
subject area: Social Science, Science
specific themes: Dinosaur, Fossil, Archaeology

handling collection number: HC146/1-10

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'Dinosaur Hunter- Joan Wiffen' picture book

Ammonite and petrified wood

School journal links: This article 'New Zealand Dinosaurs' by Dr Hamish Campbell is in the Level 2 November 2017 School Journal and available to download

This School Journal Level 3 September 2012 has an article 'Mary Anning Fossil Hunter'. This report tells the story of Mary Anning, who was born in 1799. Her lifelong interest in hunting for “curios” led to some important finds that caught the attention of scientists from around the world.The article recounts Mary’s early life and how the skills her father taught her helped Mary to support the family after his death. Mary’s discoveries have helped scientists to understand the evolution of life forms.

This School Journal Level 3 September 2012 has an article 'The Dinosaur Hunter'. This article tells the story of a New Zealand woman who, like Mary Anning, had a great curiosity about rocks and the fossils in them. The article continues the theme of change over time.



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