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Hair Clippers, curling tongs and thinning scissors HC79

Hair Clippers

Hair clippers made of metal with scissor action head.

Operated by hand, barbers generally used them to quickly cut hair short. They were recently replaced by electric clippers.

date: 1980s

manufacturer: Brown & Sharpe MFG Co., England

max dimension: 170mm

Curling Tongs

A solid cylinder metal rod that fits into a concave channel. The tongs have a scissor action.

Invented by Frenchman Marcel Grateau in 1872. By the early 1900s adding a wave or curl to a woman's hair was the height of fashion. Tongs were heated either on the top of a wood-stove or soaked in boiling water.

Manufacturer: Marcel Depose

Max Dimension: 285mm

Thinning Scissors

Made of metal with serrated edges and scissor action. Scissors give thick hair a finer look.

Manufacturer: Geo. Gill, England

Max Dimension: 160mm

Subject Area: Social Science, Technology
Specific Themes: Fashion, Hairdressing, Women, Domestic

Handling collection number: HC79

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