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Toki Kohatu HC222

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A small stone adze with handle. Type 2A, stone adze made of black argillite. Surface markings show evidence of bruising techniques on sides.

The most important tools for the early Maori were adzes (toki). These stone adze heads were lashed to a wooden handle and used in working wood, including canoe building.This early adze has a well-defined butt/toe end to allow grip for lashing to a handle. The majority were made from basalt or other hard rock, such as adzite. This is a very tough, fine-grained metamorphic rock, also called baked argillite or greywacke, which is hard sandstone.

Date: 1600

Maximum Dimension: 340mm x 200mm

Subject Area: Maori, Social Science, Technology, The Arts

Subject Themes: New Zealand, Maori, Tools

Handling Collection Number: HC222

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