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View Master with Disks HC186/1-22

A dark brown view master with disks. The view master allowed the user to see images in 3D in a similar way to the stereoscope, where two images are viewed simultaneously.

The view master was patented in 1940. It was originally promoted as an alternative to the scenic postcard. However it was used during WWII as a training device. After the war it became a very popular toy.

Disks included:

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (set of 3)

Countries and Cities of the World: Russia (set of 3), Japan (set of 3), Tokyo (set of 3), Rome (set of 3), Vancouver, Canada (set of 3), Hawaii (Honolulu and Waikiki, Oahu, set of 3), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, The Great Barrier Reef, Canberra)

Date: 1955

Manufacturer: Sawyer's, Belgium

Max Dimension: 100mm

Subject Area: Social Science, Technology, English, Science

Specific Themes: Technology, Entertainment, Toy, WWII, Stereoscope, 3D 

Handling Collection Number: HC186/1-3



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