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Images, Historic Places Tauranga HC163

Twenty eight images of historic Tauranga that are A3 in size and laminated. Each image has a brief description on the back.

Images are of, The Strand, Tauranga District High School, Hartley's Drapery, The Domain, Sulphur Point, Tauranga Hospital, Hairini Bridge, Post Office, The Elms, The Strand Fire, The Fire Station, The Town Hall, the Town Wharf, Cameron Road, The Redoubt, Devonport Road, and Wharf Street.

date: 1900 - 1940

manufacturer: Tauranga Heritage Collection
max dimension: 430mm

subject area: Social Science, English

specific themes: Tauranga, History, Conflict, War, Maori, European

handling collection number: HC163

Handling information:
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Safe Object
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