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Te Whakaata i te Matapihi, Glimpses

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To accompany the Te Whakaata i te Matapihi, Glimpses, light-box display the team at the Tauranga Heritage Collection have created a 52 page full colour booklet that explores a selection of taonga Maori from the collection.  

“Hei pupuri te aho o te wananga, hei kawe i nga kura huna a Rua.”

“To hold fast to the strands of valued knowledge”

Embodied in this whakatauki (proverbial saying) is the notion that knowledge must be treasured and at times hidden within, protecting the ideology of sacred wisdom as in the term Rua the repository. Te Whakaata i te Matapihi provides a glimpse of hidden treasures designed to make known the ability of traditional artisans and reveal strands of valued knowledge expressed through the hands of the maker and the marks they leave behind. Selected images of taonga from the Tauranga Heritage Collection will be displayed in a lightbox to celebrate 50 years of collecting.