Guest Speakers

This service is currently under development. To assist us we encourage individuals and organisation to contact us if they wish to become involved in this networking service.
Perhaps you can recommend a speaker or would like to make suggestions on the types of speakers you would like in your classroom.

Who are we looking for?

Have you lived through or participated in a major national or international event? War, Springbok demonstrations, Edgecumbe Earthquake in 1987?
Do you know a lot about a subject? Local history, climate, archaeology, earth sciences?
Are you a passionate collector with a fascination for material culture? Fashion, Mechanics, Currency?
Have you immigrated to NZ and wouldn’t mind sharing your experiences with others?
Have you seen an object on this website that reminds you of a story or a past way of life?

You may be just who we are looking for, so why not give us a ring and learn more about how you can volunteer to be a guest speaker.  

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