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Newspaper, Bay of Plenty Times HC141/1-3

Three Bay of Plenty Times newspapers dated October 24 1940, January 24 1941, June 27 1945. The front page shows public notices and advertisements.

The first issue of The Bay of Plenty Times was printed on September 4 1872. Initially it was printed twice a week. Up until 1913 the ownership of the paper changed many times. In 1913 Mr W. H. Gifford took over and later his son-in-law Mr W. F. Cross. The Bay of Plenty Times remained locally owned for over 65 years.

date: 1940, 1941, 1945

manufacturer: The Bay of Plenty Times, Tauranga
max dimension: 550mmx400mm
subject area: Social Science, English & Languages
specific themes: Newspaper, Tauranga, History, News, Local

handling collection number: HC141/1-3

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Safe Object
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