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Newspaper, Bay of Plenty Times 1872 HC147/1-35

A class set of thirty-five facsimiles of the first Bay of Plenty Times, published September 4 1872. The front and back pages are advertising while pages 2 and 3 contain local and national news.

Initially the Bay of Plenty Times was printed twice a week. Up until 1913 the ownership of the paper changed many times. In 1913 Mr W. H. Gifford took over and later his son-in-law Mr W. F. Cross. The Bay of Plenty Times remained locally owned for over 65 years.

date: 4 September 1872 - Facsimile

manufacturer: The Bay of Plenty Times, Tauranga
max dimension: 420mmX300mm
subject area: Social Science, English & Languages
specific themes: Newspaper, Tauranga, History, News, Local, National 

handling collection number: HC147/1-35

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