Helping Hands

Exchanging ideas about innovative teaching.
An object can inspire learning in the classroom. What we want to know, and share, is how you used items from our collection to engage your students.

Use our ‘share your ideas’ form to submit a brief outline of how you incorporated an object into a lesson. New ideas will be posted under ‘handy ideas’ and then attached to the individual objects, creating a permanent resource available to you and other teachers.

Bright idea of the week – Example

My Yr. 10 Social Studies class is learning about Hitler’s Germany and WW2. I entered the class wearing the gas mask. That got their attention! After discussion I passed it around the class and students who felt comfortable also tried it on. We brainstormed words on how it made us feel and imagined what it must have been like to have been given one of these masks to wear. It was a really powerful way to start talking about the outbreak of WW2 and it fit nicely into Strand - Time, Continuity and Change, Achievement Objectives – Causes and effects of events that shaped the lives of a group of people. - F. Kean, Heritage College  
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