About the Hands on Tauranga Service

Objects are being added to the site on a weekly basis so keep checking to see what’s new, here at Hands On Tauranga.
Hands on Tauranga gives primary and secondary school teachers access to real museum objects which can be used in exciting ways to support the New Zealand curriculum in a number of subject areas including The Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Maori and Pacifica, Technology, English and Languages, Maths and Statistics, PE & Health.

The items in the lending library are not part of the permanent Tauranga Heritage Collection. They remain as a separate collection of items assembled for close-up visual and tactile examination by students and teachers so that a greater understanding and appreciation of the past might be gained.

How it works

When you sign up, loans can be requested on-line via our subject category or keyword search. Objects are added to a basket and are checked out when a few simple details are provided. Once the request has been made it will be processed and delivered to the school within the Tauranga City boundaries.

Joining Hands:
Fill out a brief form which tells us your school details and you will get a user name and password. Login and you will be able to request items you want. Joining is restricted to primary and secondary school teachers in the Tauranga City boundaries.

Early requests, up to a year in advance, guarantee the object will be available. Requests must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to a delivery day and will be subject to availability.

Request will be processed within two working days and borrowers will be notified of the object’s availability by email.

Deliveries will be made on the first and third Monday of each month to a prearranged location at the school. A signature is required at this time.

Pick up:
Pick ups will be made on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from a prearranged location at the school. A signature is required at this time.

Handling and use:
See terms and conditions for handling and use. A signed receipt will be required on pick up and deliver. Resources to assist teachers in introducing the use and handling of objects to students are available under ‘Joining Hands’.

Delivery costs associated with the use of the Hands on Tauranga service are waived for an interim period. It is intended that the fee will be set as part of the Tauranga City Council's annual plan process.

Helping and Talking Hands

These services, which are under development, aim to connect teachers and individuals who have expertise in a range of subject areas and assist in the sharing and swapping of resources. See links for further information.


As the service develops resources relevant to loan objects will be added enhancing the objects usefulness in the classroom. These will include primary and secondary material, lesson plans, ideas supplied by other teachers and guest speakers.

Explaining the Hands on Collection

Objects in the Hands on Collection have been sourced from a pre-existing education collection used previously as a handling resource. 

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